Snow Days

I suppose if this blog really was up and running, we’d be obliged to post announcements each day about the University of Washington Libraries closure, wax eloquently about epic Pacific Northwest snowstorms past, and have facts at the ready about this unprecedented (is it?) three-day (and counting) campus-wide suspension of operations.

Queen Anne Ave. N. after a snowstorm, winter 1916
Queen Anne Ave. N. after a snowstorm, winter 1916

As it is, I feel as if I’ve been trying to figure out the exact location pictured in this nifty image from the Special Collections Division for several days now.  It looks to me like the intersection of Queen Anne Avenue and Roy Street, but I may be wrong.

What is going on in this photograph?  Is the (No. 2) electric streetcar stranded in the snow or is it in the process of transporting passengers down the hill (which, if so, is more than can be said about our present Metro service, 92 years later).  It’s hard to say, but it looks as if the latter may be true since there is what appears to be another streetcar running further up the hill (but then again it also could just be stuck).

But, to be fair, if the quality of our public transportation cannot be said to have improved substantially in many ways over the intervening years, then neither can it be said of our cataloging practices.

And it’s still snowing…

Image credit: University of Washington Special Collections Diviison, Seattle Photograph Collection, Negative no. UW22262