More Farewells

With the change of seasons, our thoughts turn to those of our colleagues who have moved on (or soon will be).   A wave of wanderlust seems to have struck Special Collections this summer, with Europe being the destination of choice.

Researcher extraordinaire, Jessie Sherwood, departed Seattle last month to undertake a post-doctoral fellowship at l’Université de Nantes.  In a well deserved reprieve from chapbooks and scrapbooks, she will complete her M.L.I.S. from the University of Washington online.

Accessioning Specialist, Jeni Spamer (in a nod to Philip Barry?), has decided to take advantage of her EU status passport and is heading off to sample life on the Continent.   After touching down in the land of her ancestors, she will be throwing away the road map for real.  Jeni brought good vibes, dedicated professionalism, and tasty recipes to Special Collections.  Her unfailing good humor, patience, and can-do spirit will be much missed.

Although green with envy, we wish both our wanderers well and hope that they will send further word of their adventures.


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