(Sort of) Live from ALA in Chicago

By the Bean (I'm in there somewhere)
By the Bean (I'm in there somewhere)

The frenzied atmosphere of the 21st century American Library Association Annual Conference is indeed a world away from that 1925 gathering.  There are so many things happening (and they all seem to be happening at the same time) it can be quite overwhelming.  Your hairdryer and WiFi become your best friends.

But both the weather and the mood have been great.  I’m dashing off right now to try to catch a bit of the (always entertaining) RBMS Exec meeting before heading over to the Theatre Library Association’s program at the Harold Washington Library Center, “The Plays the Thing: From Page to Stage to Archive in Chicago Theatres.”  Later this evening I’ll be returning to that same spot for a special tour of the Visual and Performing Arts department.  Whew!

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Although I am a native New Yorker, I seem drawn to the Pacific Northwest. My current gig as Manuscripts & Special Collections Cataloging Librarian at the University of Washington Libraries represents my third stint out here. Prior to coming to the UW, I have worked at the New York Public Library, King County Archives, New York University, and Columbia University (to name but a few).

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