Pacific NW Lesbian Archives – New Home in Tacoma

In archival news… Lisa Cohen, Founder/Co-Director of the Pacific Northwest Lesbian Archives (PNLA) recently announced that their collections have moved to the Washington State Historical Society (WSHS) in Tacoma, Washington.

As Lisa states, “PNLA will scout out herstorical materials in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Southwestern British Columbia and make sure they are properly preserved and accessible for research and enjoyment at WSHS. When collections have been processed, an electronic record will be produced and available via the WSHS website telling you more about each collection in the Archives.”

The PNLA website and email contacts will continue to be up and running.  Contact them if you are interested in volunteering or in sponsoring the processing of a specific collection.

Congratulations on finding a home, PNLA!


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Blynne is a second year Master's degree student in the Library and Information Science program at the University of Washington. Blynne holds an M.A. in Art History, also from UW, specializing in art of the exploration and discovery of the Pacific Northwest. Since June 2006, Blynne has worked in a graduate student position at UW Libraries, Special Collections.

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