Hop Culture By Ezra Meeker (1883)

hopculture2One of the things that I miss about living in the Yakima Valley is the smell of hops. I grew up in an agricultural area in California; for me, there is nothing as wonderful as being out in a grove of fruit trees or a crop field. So if you haven’t ever smelled hops, visit a brewery or go explore Toppenish. If you drive out into the hop-vine fields, be sure to roll your windows up to keep the dust out, but do stop, get out, and indulge in the fragrance.

Here is an excerpt from Hop Culture by Ezra Meeker (1830-1928) about growing hops in Puyallup:

“If ever there was a cause for anxiety the hop-growers of Washington Territory have it when harvest time approaches. Most of the picking is done by Indians, many of whom come long distances, some of them three hundred miles in their canoes, bringing with them their dogs and their cats, their chickens and thumpery as through they had come to ‘stay all summer.’ The question of questions with the hop-growers, will enough come? if [sic]so, will they arrive in time? ”

Come see the book for yourself. It has beautiful illustrations and diagrams.



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Blynne is a second year Master's degree student in the Library and Information Science program at the University of Washington. Blynne holds an M.A. in Art History, also from UW, specializing in art of the exploration and discovery of the Pacific Northwest. Since June 2006, Blynne has worked in a graduate student position at UW Libraries, Special Collections.

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