Coincidence of the Day

Harry C. Bauer and Lulu Fairbanks examining the Eric A. Hegg photograph albums, n.d.
Harry C. Bauer and Lulu Fairbanks examining the Eric A. Hegg photograph albums, n.d.

A colleague up in the Monographic Services Division was doing a periodic cleaning out of the departmental online OCLC save file and exhumed a mysterious catalog record for the Eric A. Hegg photographs that appeared to have been sitting in limbo in this file for some time.

A quick review indicated that the record in the save file contained revisions to an earlier version of a catalog record that is supposed to point to an important collection of early photographs of Alaska (can’t seem to escape Alaska these days).  Updating the record is a simple enough task, although at times it feels strange for me to be doing this without ever having seen the collection.  But there are just too many other things going on for me to dwell upon it.

A little later in the day, however, I stumbled across the image above while searching for something else on the UW Digital Collections site, which made me feel a bit more wistful.  Due to the fragility of the original materials, we no longer have the direct access to the albums that Ms. Fairbanks enjoyed back in the day, but we can console ourselves with the thought that we now have access to selected digitized images from this same collection any time, anywhere online.

Image credit: University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections Division, Photographs of Harry C. Bauer, PH Coll 599, Order no. POR232


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I joined The Shubert Archive as Processing Archivist in 2015, having worked previously at numerous archives and special collections, including the University of Washington, New York Public Library, King County Archives, and New York University. I earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Hunter College, City University of New York and an M.L.I.S. from the Palmer School of Library & Information Science, Long Island University. I have been a Certified Archivist since 2005. Throughout my career, I have been active professionally and held several leadership roles. Among my favorites are: Dance Librarians Discussion Group convener and editor of the newsletter of the Performing Arts Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists. I also was involved with the American Theatre Archive Project, a national grassroots initiative dedicated to assisting active performing arts companies with the preservation of their legacy. In addition, I have significant experience as a freelance archival consultant.

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